Why is Cable Management Important?

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How can you expect your team to work at their best when their workspace looks like utter pandemonium? Eliminate the hidden chaos that we all have tucked behind our desks, monitors and bookcases and see how a little organisation can increase productivity.


REMOVE THE MAZE OF CABLES! When you have multiple monitors, phones, computers and lights it is no wonder things get out of hand really quick. You have a number of options that don’t require and electrician. Cable raceways are the most versatile and commonly used cable management tools. They run seamlessly along any desk or wall, designed to conceal and tidy any visible chords.


LABEL YOUR CABLES. There is nothing worse than unplugging the wrong chord and losing everything you haven’t saved. Something as simple as coloured velcro or a label maker can ensure this won’t happen again.


INVEST IN A CABLE TRAY OR BUILT IN OUTLET. If you aren’t able to commit to some more permanent solutions theses will help. Cable trays are cost effective and easy to change as no space is completely defined and an ever changing office landscape makes it very difficult to commit to a more permanent solution.


REDUCE TRIPPING HAZARDS. Unruly cables that make their way around the office floor are an accident waiting to happen. The most commonly reported cause for injuries in the office in tripping over electrical cords or wires. Not only that, continuous walking over power cables will eventually lead to damage to the chord, creating a high risk for shock.

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