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Yes is an Australian based and owned company that offers a large range of products manufactured both domestically and internationally. We have sourced the best in office furniture both domestically and internationally. Our products go through rigorous testing to ensure you’re receiving the best at a reasonable price. Looking for a bespoke design? Give us a call to discuss! Our team is always working with our customers to create something special to suit their needs.

Reception for business

The Perfect Reception

Avoid using terms like “Waiting Room”.

These words already bring in negative connotations about having to wait for prolonged periods of time. Pick a term for your reception and stick to it, this includes signage and even terms used by employees.

Add Greenery!

Living plants do more than just add to the décor of an office.  There are added benefits to your health and mood when greenery is integrated into an office space. Adding a few plants here or there can help increase the mood of your customers while they are inevitably sometimes forced to wait. Have a look at our Planter boxes and Tambours.

Comfortable seating is vital to any reception space.

Would you want to spend 20-30 minutes sitting in an uncomfortable chair? Office furniture is used much more frequently than your home furniture, so it is important to invest in quality chairs that will not compromise on shape or structural integrity. You may also need to look at the needs of those who will be using this space. If you need to accommodate large groups and families it is good to use large lounges like the Era 2 and 3-Seater. If you need to provide for an elderly clientele accommodate with firm chairs that feature strong arm rests. These can be used to brace when standing and sitting.

Remember the reception desk is the first and last thing potential clients will see.

It is important for the reception to appear clean and organised. The use of a Hob desk allows the visible level to appear free from cables and disorder, while you can still house a computer and any necessities below. Find a reception that will fit your space with adequate storage capacity. A desk too large and imposing will impede on the rest of the room and make it feel cramp and cluttered. Investing in a modern reception desk will emphasise the professionalism of your business and keep on brand with your company.

You see it everywhere, people talking about office furniture like it’s a weapon. This Ergonomic, 3-Lever Mechanism, Synchro Knee Tilt, 10-points to Gryffindor chair. We have broken down all those key terms to help you know exactly what you’re buying.

Tilt Tension

Tilt enables the user to recline backward to a set limit defined by the chair’s mechanism. The tilt tension knob increases or decreases the amount of force needed to make the chair recline backwards. The taller or heavier a person is, the tighter the tilt tension needs to be.  If the Tilt Tension is set too light for an individual they may have the sensation of fall backwards when they sit down. A smaller person may be unable to tilt the chair if the tensions is set too tight.

Tilt Lock

Once a chair is locked in a tilt position it cannot be unlocked until the user reclines or tilts back a few degrees further relieving pressure from the lock bar or pin. This allows the chair to reset back to the original position. Tilt lock is used to completely lock out tilt when the chair is in the upright position.

Synchro tilt

The synchro tilt control allows the backrest of the chair to recline twice as fast as the seat cushion, at a 2-to-1 ratio, instead of the traditional rocking chair recline, where the seat and backrest recline at the same ratio. This allows the user to recline while the front edge of the seat stays more level to the floor. This allows the users feet to remain reasonably flat on the floor. The greater range of movement created increases user circulation and helps with redistribution of pressure points during the day.

Synchro knee tilt

The synchro tilt control allows the backrest of the chair to recline twice as fast as the seat cushion, at a 2-to-1 ratio, instead of the traditional rocking chair t recline, where the seat and backrest recline at the same ratio. The pivot point is located near front edge of chair, in comparison to your traditional synchronized tilt which is located towards the centre of the chair. Synchronized knee tilt combines the limited front rise of a knee tilt chair with the smooth, responsive motion of synchro-tilt. This allows the user to recline while the front edge of the seat stays closer and more level to the floor, allowing the users feet to remain flat on the floor while in a more relaxed position.

Seat Slider

The seat pan is the most fundamental part of any chair as it helps support and distribute all the weight evenly. The Seat slider feature allows the user to adjust the seat pan to suit them. A useful tool for chairs with multiple users as every user can adjust the seat to better suit themselves. When adjusting the seat pan you should allow a few fingers gap from behind the knees to the chair front. Ensure the gap is not too large or else your thighs will not be support properly.

Ratchet back

Ratchet back height adjustment eliminates the use of a knob to adjust the chair back height. The height is controlled by simply raising or lowering the backrest to the desired level. It is then locked into position by the chair frame.

Drafting Kit

Convert any standard office or task chair with the Yes office drafting kit. Ideal for higher work stations, or use with a sit-stand desk to create an easy transition between sitting and standing. Each kit includes a 220mm chrome gas lift and chrome foot ring with manual height adjustment.

2-Lever Mechanism

A 2-Level Mechanism allows the user to adjust the back tilt and seat height independently. A 2 Lever mechanism seat cannot adjust the seat tilt/angle.

3-Lever Mechanism

A 3-Lever mechanism enables the user to adjust seat height with gas lift, back rest angle/tilt and seat angle/tilt. The 3-lever mechanism allows the user to specifically position the chair to achieve their ideal ergonomic seating position.

How can you expect your team to work at their best when their workspace looks like utter pandemonium? Eliminate the hidden chaos that we all have tucked behind our desks, monitors and bookcases and see how a little organisation can increase productivity.


REMOVE THE MAZE OF CABLES! When you have multiple monitors, phones, computers and lights it is no wonder things get out of hand really quick. You have a number of options that don’t require and electrician. Cable raceways are the most versatile and commonly used cable management tools. They run seamlessly along any desk or wall, designed to conceal and tidy any visible chords.


LABEL YOUR CABLES. There is nothing worse than unplugging the wrong chord and losing everything you haven’t saved. Something as simple as coloured velcro or a label maker can ensure this won’t happen again.


INVEST IN A CABLE TRAY OR BUILT IN OUTLET. If you aren’t able to commit to some more permanent solutions theses will help. Cable trays are cost effective and easy to change as no space is completely defined and an ever changing office landscape makes it very difficult to commit to a more permanent solution.


REDUCE TRIPPING HAZARDS. Unruly cables that make their way around the office floor are an accident waiting to happen. The most commonly reported cause for injuries in the office in tripping over electrical cords or wires. Not only that, continuous walking over power cables will eventually lead to damage to the chord, creating a high risk for shock.

Warehouse and Distribution


Our team are Specialists with 15 years experience in the industry. After years in the industry there was a visible gap where it was near impossible for customers to organise an office fit out themselves. Our interior designers and customer service staff keep it simple, meaning you can create a space that reflects your brand. Committed to delivering results beyond our customers’ expectations. Yes now offers free fit out consultations. Our office furniture experts will help find the right solution for your needs.