How to Utilise Small Office Spaces

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Sometimes we have big ideas but only small spaces in which we can make those dreams a reality. Before committing to that fancy new boardroom table or deciding on colours for that range of workstations, take a step back and follow a few practical steps.


Make a List of Necessities

Write a list of all the things you will need to make this an effective and functional space. Of course, having a separate space to hold small and large meetings seems like a god idea but how often will you use it? Could your team possibly go out of the office to have large scale discussions? Could you even take smaller meetings from the comfort of your office? Products like the WATSON P End Executive Desk are the perfect solution to take smaller and more informal meetings from your office. The real questions is: Will a boardroom or meeting room increase productivity or even sales? If the answer is no then that space can be more effectively used.


How long do you expect to be here and how much growth are you hoping for?

We’ve seen it time and time again when an open plan office designed for 6 people suddenly explodes to 13! Are you going to outgrow this space before your lease is up? Are you going to need an option that is adaptable and can see an additional 4 desk easily added?


Asses your space

Measure the space you have! There is nothing worse than taking a saw to  your newly purchased boardroom table! Check and double check everything and don’t rely on the real-estate agents floor plan.


Call in a Professional

Whether you’re paying a professional designer or calling on our friendly team, nothing compares to experience. Professionals know exactly how to utilise all those small spaces you didn’t even consider. Take the guess work out and have peace of mind knowing you’ve made an informed decision.


Build Up

Utilise you’re desk space by adding shelves and hooks. Every little bit of space counts. Things as simple and wall hooks will take your jackets and bags off the ground and back of chairs. Less clutter means your area will feel bigger and more open.

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