4 Ways to Create The Perfect Reception

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The Perfect Reception

Avoid using terms like “Waiting Room”.

These words already bring in negative connotations about having to wait for prolonged periods of time. Pick a term for your reception and stick to it, this includes signage and even terms used by employees.

Add Greenery!

Living plants do more than just add to the décor of an office.  There are added benefits to your health and mood when greenery is integrated into an office space. Adding a few plants here or there can help increase the mood of your customers while they are inevitably sometimes forced to wait. Have a look at our Planter boxes and Tambours.

Comfortable seating is vital to any reception space.

Would you want to spend 20-30 minutes sitting in an uncomfortable chair? Office furniture is used much more frequently than your home furniture, so it is important to invest in quality chairs that will not compromise on shape or structural integrity. You may also need to look at the needs of those who will be using this space. If you need to accommodate large groups and families it is good to use large lounges like the Era 2 and 3-Seater. If you need to provide for an elderly clientele accommodate with firm chairs that feature strong arm rests. These can be used to brace when standing and sitting.

Remember the reception desk is the first and last thing potential clients will see.

It is important for the reception to appear clean and organised. The use of a Hob desk allows the visible level to appear free from cables and disorder, while you can still house a computer and any necessities below. Find a reception that will fit your space with adequate storage capacity. A desk too large and imposing will impede on the rest of the room and make it feel cramp and cluttered. Investing in a modern reception desk will emphasise the professionalism of your business and keep on brand with your company.

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